Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pecan Crusted Tilapia

This recipe is a very quick, simple family-pleaser. In fact, it is so quick that you can even prepare it on a Wednesday evening before heading to mid-week Bible study. We were introduced to it by our good friend Heather Mays who is always willing to share great ideas and recipes that are kid-friendly. 
Put away those measuring cups because we aren't going to measure anything, however, you will want to find some paper plates to help with the prep - they make for a much quicker clean-up.

What you will need:
Fresh tilapia fillets - It is very important to use the fresh fillets if you don't want your tilapia to taste too fishy.
Salt and pepper
One or two eggs - depending on however many fillets you are preparing
Bread crumbs
Chopped pecans
Canola oil (peanut oil also gives a nice flavor)

Quick tip: We usually like to ask the person at the seafood counter for smaller fillets because it is easier to handle them when you are cooking
Pour some oil in a skillet and turn to medium-high. Pour in enough oil to allow the fish to cook, but not so much that they end up drowning in the oil and getting soggy.
Lay your fillets out and sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.
Crack the egg(s) in a bowl and beat with a fork until they are mixed thoroughly. This is your egg wash.
Pour out some flour on one paper plate and bread crumbs on another. Mix in the chopped pecans with the bread crumbs. 

Line your flour, egg wash, and bread crumbs/pecans up (in that order) to form an assembly line.

Place a fillet in the flour plate and thoroughly coat both sides.

Next, dip the fillet in the egg wash thoroughly coating both sides.

Next, place the fillet in the bread crumb/pecan mixture thoroughly coating both sides.

Now place the coated fillet in your skillet and brown both sides.

The fish will be thoroughly cooked when it is bright white and flaky inside. Cut the fillet where it is the thickest before removing it from the pan. If it is tough or translucent let it cook a little longer. If you want to measure the temperature it should be cooked to 140 degrees. Before you sit down to dinner, throw the paper plates away and rinse the egg wash bowl.

This is a great entree and pairs well with most any southern side - especially fresh green beans and garlic mashed potatoes! Trust me, you're family will thank you for this simple and delicious fish!

Our kids definitely approve!!

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  1. Actually we usually have Rosemary oven roasted potatoes with this recipe, but Stephen was on his own cooking last night. I was in class. ~Christy